• 5 years’ experience as a translator
  • Native English speaker from England
  • Bachelor’s degree with first class honours
  • High level of German after studying it for 10 years
  • Specialism in marketing and literary texts, with experience in technical translation
  • Experience translating advertising materials, product information, packaging, brochures, websites, press releases, manuals, reports, whitepapers, screenplays, board games and fictional works
  • Consistently praised by happy clients
  • Low tolerance for imperfections
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How to order a translation

  1. Send me your document

    Send the document you want translated or proofread to Please state your deadline and any special requirements.

  2. Wait for my reply

    I will reply asap and let you know if I can manage the deadline. I will quote the total price for the project.

  3. Confirm your order

    Once you confirm the project and price by email, I will begin working on it.

  4. Receive finished translation and invoice

    I will send you the finished translation along with an invoice to be paid by bank transfer or PayPal within 30 days. Please not that I will require advanced payment for larger projects unless you are a returning customer or reputable organisation.


My rate for German to English translations is €0.10 per word. For proofreading I charge €30.00 per hour. I have a desktop publishing fee of €20 per hour in the event that this proves to be a time-consuming part of the project on top of translation.