Hi, my name is Richard.

I am a freelance translator with five years’ experience, including working in-house for a large logistics company in Germany and translating as a full-time freelancer. I am a native speaker of English and have an extremely high level of German thanks to almost ten years of study and four years working, studying and living with native speakers in Germany.

I have always had a fascination for words and an insatiable curiosity for the world. Since winning the DAAD / IMLR Translation Competition for translating part of Annett Gröschner’s novel Walpurgistag, I have discovered a passion for creative and literary translations.

I grew up and was educated in the UK, and graduated with a first class honours degree in German and Linguistics from the University of York. I am currently working towards gaining a Diploma in Translation (DipTrans), the industry standard for translators worldwide.

I offer translation services for both general and marketing texts from German into British or American English, as well as proofreading services for English texts. I can offer a discount for larger projects, or projects I think are particularly interesting.

Contact me at for further information, to request a copy of my CV, or to receive a no-obligation price estimate for your documents.