Language Lessons

Dear Language Learners,

As well as working as a translator, I also offer German and English lessons for people who want something a little different. I don’t use textbooks. All my teaching is tailored to the learner.

I specialise in working one-to-one with clients in order to improve their language skills in the fastest time possible.

I speak English natively and pass for a German native speaker thanks to 10 years studying German and a first class honours degree in German and Linguistics.

Having learned German myself to an extremely high level, I have a key advantage in that I understand the learner’s needs very well.

I have experience teaching English and German. Whatever your level, I can help you with your language needs.

We can meet at your place, in a public place like a café, or somewhere else we both decide on! Get in touch to book your first session!

I offer very reasonable rates and the first session for just €10.