Here is a selection of some of the recent projects I have added to my portfolio. I can also show you specific examples of sentences I have translated.

  • A short science fiction story for an international magazine
  • Part of Annet Gr√∂schner’s novel “Walpurgistag” for which I won first prize in the DAAD / IMLR Translation Competition in London in 2015
  • The screenplay and subtitles of a German short film entered into an American film festival
  • Localisation of a new range of products for the British market produced by a large German manufacturer of cleaning equipment
  • Revision of the website for a German venture capitalist investing in emerging technologies
  • A forensic report compiled for a British forensic investigator into the cause of a fire on a car ferry
  • An HR report explaining mental and physical exercises employees can perform to reduce stress and increase well-being and performance in the workplace
  • An article on passive housing for a sustainable community in southern Germany
  • The lunch menu for the cafeteria at the corporate headquarters of the world’s largest logistics enterprise. Translated on a weekly basis
  • A handbook outlining company conduct and health and safety, kept in all vehicles used by an Austrian logistics company
  • The instruction manual for an industrial wire processing machine for an American manufacturer of electronic components. 25,000 words
  • The instruction manual for a piling rig for a company which manufactures hydraulic construction equipment
  • The instruction manual for high-precision guideway components used in the manufacturing industry for a Swiss company