1. Translation

I can translate German texts of various registers and styles, translating the meaning and message into equivalent English. I have experience translating a range of commercial, marketing and literary texts, including advertising materials, product information, packaging, brochures, websites, press releases, manuals, reports, business plans, screenplays, board games and fictional works.

I translate into British English but will also translate into American English and have it checked by a native speaker on request. This is a skill I developed while working with American colleagues at DHL in Germany, where the vast majority of texts were translated into American English.

Please contact me if you would like to enquire about my rates. I may charge a higher rate for tedious texts, for example tables or lists of technical terminology. I am also happy to offer a discount for larger projects or projects which I think are particularly interesting, or offer to translate for free at my own discretion.

For new clients, I offer a free sample translation of around 100 words with no obligation. This is my way of assuring you of the quality of my work, particularly in light of the fact that I am just starting out as a translator and still working towards translation-specific, professional qualifications.

2. Proofreading

I can proofread texts translated from German, or original English texts, for example those written by non-native speakers. I charge an hourly rate for this service.



Contact me at outlining your needs and we will figure out a service which suits your needs, at no obligation.